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Rodenstock 75mm f/4.5 Rogonar-S Enlarging Lens

Model: 452205
Manufacturer: Rodenstock

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The universal lens Rogonar-S has a relatively simple optical design but the very high performance capability of this lens makes it ideal for the high requirements of demanding amateurs or professional labs.

The main application area of the Rogonar-S is enlargement in the scale range required for photographs in the standard formats. In this range, the lens with 4 elements in 3 groups provides high-quality results with only low light fall-off to the picture margin. Stopping down by 2 to 3 stops is recommended for optimal contrast and sharpness up to the image corners.

The recommended scale range can also offer some interesting possibilities for cropped enlargements.

The Rogonar-S can be supplied in several models for use for all film sizes up to roll film 6x9 cm. It is equipped with a clickstop diaphragm which can be disabled on the models from 50 mm to 105 mm focal length for stepless control which is helpful for the use of analyzers or timers with preset exposure time mode. All models from a focal length of 50 mm on have an illuminated aperture display and a practical preset aperture for fast switching from fully open to the working f-stop.

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