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Thomas Black And White Safelight Filter Set (FBD)

Model: 42135
Manufacturer: Thomas

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Thomas Black And White Safelight Filter Set (FBD) are re-moveable vane filters  for use with the Thomas Duplex Super Safelight when processing black and white paper.
Proper placement of moveable vanes and filters is imperative to create the most safe darkroom conditions.

For all black and white printing papers the vanes should be open with the yellow-edged filters (FBD) in the body and the red-edged ones in the vanes. At the maximum opening the safelight should produce perfect illumination for darkrooms approximately 12x14 feet with a standard ceiling height. Smaller darkrooms may require reduced level of illumination.

Note: Always test your material with the safelights to insure the safelight is safe.