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Gossen Digisix 2 Compact Ambient and Reflective Light Meter

Model: 40062
Manufacturer: Gossen

This item is no longer manufactured.

With its compact, handy and lightweight design, coming in at just 40 grams, the Gossen Digisix 2 is an ideal enhancement for minimalistic, but nevertheless demanding, photographic equipment. The meter expanded measuring functions of manually adjustable cameras to include incident light measurement, of which better exposure can be achieved for usual subject contrast.

Integrated contrast measurement also indicates whether or not subject contrast, i.e. the difference between the brightest and darkest part of the subject, can be managed by the sensor or the film. The timer for time exposures, temperature monitoring for the camera bag and the clock with alarm round out the functions of the Gossen Digisix 2 and transform them into indispensable tools for the dedicated photographer.

The combination of precision digital measuring technology and a clear-cut analog display is entirely unique. The measured exposure value is transferred to the settings window, after which all usable f-stop/shutter speed combinations can be viewed at a glance – thus paying homage to traditional analog exposure meter.


  • Digital exposure meter with analogue settings - for ambient light
  • Incident and reflected light measuring mode
  • Microprocessor controlled operation
  • Digital LCD display of read out in 1/3 stops
  • Storage of values measured
  • At-a-glance indication of all suitable combinations of shutter speeds (t) and aperture (f-stops)
  • "Range over" or "Range Under" signal
  • Timer, watch and alarm function
  • Temperature measurement function
  • Meter Typedigital exposure
  • Measuring modes: Incident light, reflected light, contrast measurement
  • Light sensor: sbc photodiode
  • Measuring angel in reflected mode: approx. 25°
  • Meas. range ambient light at ISO 100/21°EV 0 to 18
  • Shutter speed st = 1/2000 sec to 4 min
  • Aperture/ f-stops: f/1 to f/32
  • Correction values: +/- 3,0
  • Film speeds: ISO 0,8/0° to 100 000/51°
  • Timer: 0 sec to 30 min
  • Watch: 12 hor 24 h display
  • Accuracy: 5 min/year
  • Thermometer adjustable to ºC or ºF
  • Measuring range-15°C to 70°C or 5°F to 160°F
  • Accuracy+/- 2°C or +/- 4°F
  • Display Digital LCD-display and setting ring
  • Battery9 V; battery level display
  • Operating temp. range-10°C to 60°C
  • Dimensions approx. 75mm x 50mm x 23mm
  • Weight approx. 40g incl. battery

Supplied Accessories

  • Battery
  • Carrying case
  • Cord
  • Manual