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Arista-II Premium Inkjet Canvas - 17x22/20 Sheets

Model: 38617
Manufacturer: Arista-II

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Arista-II Premium Matte Canvas is a 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Canvas, 21 mil. thick with a bright white (97% brightness rating) matte finish. This  50/50 - Poly/Cotton canvas is better for stretching and is also water resistant. Due to its high flexibility, the canvas may be stretched without cracking when framed.

Waterproof Canvas Matte is designed for high quality reproduction with inkjet printers. Due to the  presence of natural components in the base material, the surface characteristic may vary slightly. The uncoated backside is kept naturally brownish.

It is recommended to allow the print to dry overnight before applying a final varnish. The final varnish is one of the most important things you can do to the canvas so the image can really set on the surface. It also helps protect against scuffs and any airborne contaminates. 


  • 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Blend Canvas
  • Bright White (with OBAs)
  • Matt/Matte Surface
  • Waterproof
  • Optimized for pigment printers
  • Recommended to use Matte Black Ink with the Epson Velvet Profile


Paper Type Canvas
Thickness 15 mil and up
Paper Surface Matte
Paper Size 17x22
Paper Base Tone Bright White
Double Sided No
Optical Brighteners with OBA
Weight 300gsm and up