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Arista-II Inkjet OHP Ultra Clear 5-mil Transparency Film - 8.5x11/20 Sheets

Model: 383852
Manufacturer: Arista-II

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Arista II OHP Ultra Clear 5-mil Transparency Film is a polyester substrate coated with inkjet emulsion that can accept dye or pigment ink. It delivers crisp text and brilliant colors. Great for creating overhead transparencies, creating screens for screen printing and recommended by Freestyle for alternative digital output methods like alcohol gel (Purell) transfers. Each sheet has a notch cut in the upper right hand side. Holding the media in this direction insures that you insert it into your printer emulsion side up. For jobs that require more image density, like digital negatives for Platinum and Palladium Printing, Freestyle recommends our classic, 7-mil, Arista II OHP Transparency Film. It has a heavier base and a waterproof emulsion.


  • Compatible with pigmented and dye inks
  • 5 mil polyester film
  • Ultra Clear for maximum transparency
  • Dries Instantly
  • Optimal for overhead projection presentations and screens for screen prints
  • Compatible with alternative digital output methods like alcohol gel (Purell) transfers
  • Canon Printer setting: Photo Paper Glossy or equivalent
  • Epson Printer setting: Premium Glossy Photo Paper or equivalent
  • Available in sheets and wide format rolls up to 60 in. wide

Tip: All inkjet film and paper can be subject to humidity. If you see your inkjet film curling please follow these steps to                       assist in flattening before printing:

  1.  Place clean white typing paper between several sheets and roll them backwards on a cardboard tube and let  them rest a day before printing on them. This will act as a D-Roller and help to flatten the curl.
  2.  Make sure to select the correct media type. If your printer has the ability to adjust the platen gap, decrease it.
  3.  Apply a 1” wide piece of artist tape to the back side of the leading edge of the film when feeding it into your printer. 
Paper Type Polyester
Paper Surface Glossy
Paper Size 8.5x11
Paper Base Tone Clear
Double Sided No
Thickness 5-10 mil
Optical Brighteners without OBA

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