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Omega LPL C6600 Condenser Enlarger

Model: 36600
Manufacturer: Omega

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 The C6600 is an ideal enlarger for black & white negatives that run up to 6x6cm. Its die-cast carriage provides smooth, vibration free operation, while the press-to-release magnification control (up to 12X) of its double condensers is designed for both right- and left-handed use. It uses a 75W opal enlarging lamp, and can be converted to a color enlarger with the addition of a separate dichroic lamphouse. Features include Saunders' own Memory-Lock white light system for easy focusing, an extra-long bellows, a photo-gray steel reinforced laminated baseboard, and a red safety filter.


Maximum format: 6cm x 6cm
Baseboard size: 18" x 18"
Column height: 36 3/4" (max. height 43 1/2" with head fully raised)
Lamp: 75W opal lamp (PH140)
Illumination system: Double condenser
Filtration: filter drawer
Lens mount: Integral; 39mm thread

Enlarger Type B&W Condensor