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Chromabox-4 Replacement Tank

Model: 3512046
Manufacturer: Chromabox

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Andrew Burns, rocket propulsion engineer and owner of Midtone Machines, re-discovered analogue photography while on holiday in Europe after buying a Minolta SRT100 to fix up at a second-hand market. After diving in head-first and hand processing B&W, color negative and slide film at home, he decided to turn his technical skills and experience towards solving problems faced by the analog photography world and to ensuring that film as a medium would remain available and accessible for years to come. After discussions with other film enthusiasts and photographic lab owners the Chromabox-4 fully automatic film processing machine was born.

The Chromabox-4 Replacement Tank is an additional tank for use with the Chromabox-4 Film Processor by Midtone Machines

The tank can process up to 4 rolls of 35 or 2 rolls of 120, with four standard plastic reels (Paterson and Arista - non-Jobo style, not included). 4x5 and 5x7 sheet film can be processed using reels that fit Paterson tanks.


  • Chromabox developing tank

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