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Omega LPL 670CXL B&W Condenser Enlarger

Model: 324670
Manufacturer: Omega

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The Omega/LPL 670CXL features a solid, single aluminum girder column chassis that is permanently aligned and counter balanced. It also tilts for wall projection. The 670CXLcan be converted from a B&W enlarger to a color one by using color correction filters in the filter drawer, or by replacing the existing lamphouse with a dichroic head. Allows up to 16x20 enlargements on the baseboard. Accommodates negatives from 35mm up to 6x7 cm. It uses a 75W PH140-type opal lamp in accordance with a triple condenser system, which guarantees even, full-frame illumination. Features include LPL's own Memory-Lock white light system for easy focusing, a reversible lensboard to accept a wide range of lenses, and a red safety filter.

Includes 39mm threaded lensboard.

Professional results at a hobbyist's price!


Format: 6X7cm
Baseboard size: 18" x 23"
Column height: 42" (max. height 48" with head fully raised)
Lamp: 75W opal lamp (PH140)
Illumination system: Triple condenser
Filtration: Filter drawer
Magnification on baseboard:
17.6X (35mm negative, 50mm lens)
8.6X (6x6cm negative, 75mm lens)

Enlarger Type B&W Condensor