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PremierArt Eco Elegance Embellishing Gel - 16 oz.

Model: 315116
Manufacturer: Premier Art

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Transform your digital prints into three-dimensional works of art resembling an acrylic or oil painting with a 16 oz container of clear ECO Elegance Inkjet Print Embellishing Gel from Premier Imaging. Adding Elegance is easily accomplished with a roller, brush, or palette knife. A safe, water-based formulation, there's zero health risk from volatile solvents. Better yet, Elegance is non-crackling and won't flake off. The long-lasting, non-yellowing and non-reactive, formula is compatible with all inks. Compiling virtue from all it's not, Elegance crowns these achievements by also being non-toxic and requiring no special handling.

Elegance may be mixed with acrylics for color matching. For best results, use thin coats, and stretch your canvas prior to applying. By incorporating brush strokes and enhancing highlights one can endow their work with an old-master ambiance. Be sure to plan for a minimum of 24-hours drying time. When applying multiple coats, allow each coat to completely dry before starting subsequent coats. As printing paper is absorbent, one should prepare the surface with a sealer prior to working with Elegance.


  • Personal Touch for Inkjet Prints
  • Apply w/ Roller, Brush, & Palette Knife
  • Safe, Water-Based, No Volatile Solvents
  • Non Crackling Formula, Won't Flake Off
  • Non-Reactive, Compatible With All Ink
  • Non-Yellowing, Long Lasting Formula
  • Non Toxic, No Special Handling Needed
  • Mix with Acrylics for Color Matching
  • Compatibility: Inkjet prints
  • Application Method: Roller, brush, or palette knife
  • Size: 16 oz / .5 L
  • Package Weight: 1.1 lb
  • Box Dimensions: (LxWxH) 3.7 x 3.5 x 3.5"


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