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Fotospeed Salt Printing Kit

Model: 308810
Manufacturer: Fotospeed

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In the early 1800s, William Henry Fox Talbot produced the first ever paper photograph, and the technique that he used is called salt printing. Although it is relatively easy to create a salt image, this method produces an effect very difficult to reproduce using modern photo-graphic techniques. Talbot noted that slight variations in the proportions of the chemicals used led to a variety of tints and hues evident in the image. This, coupled with slight imperfections inevitable in silver nitrate coating, ensures that each salt print is unique. A salt print is formed by a process of soaking cleansed Canelletto Art paper in a salt solution, and then coating the sheet with a silver solution. The coated paper is then exposed to UV and then stabilized to create an "aged" looking image with a unique charm.

Kit includes: 10 sheets of 8" x 10" Canelletto paper, 5 sheets of 8" x 10" OHP Film, a Buckle Brush (Fox Talbot's test tube w/ cotton invention), 250ml each of Salt Solution, Silver solution, Stabiliser 1, Stabiliser 2, Stabiliser 3, protective gloves, and full instructions.

Ammonia is required, but it is NOT INCLUDED.