Zeiss Ikon Planar T* 50mm f/2 ZM - Silver

Model: 3082055
Manufacturer: Zeiss

This item is no longer available.

The Perspective of the Human Eye

Undoubtedly, the new high performance standard in M-system lenses. It is based on the famous Carl Zeiss Planar® lens design concept, a symmetrical combination of 6 optical elements in 4 groups. So count on exceptionally high resolving power, evenly distributed performance over the entire frame, and superb control over flare and ghosting. This lens opens up inspiring possibilities for all-round photography, documentation and photojournalism.

Focal length:50 mm Aperture range: 2-22 No. of lenses/groups:6/4 Focusing range: 0.7 m (2' 3.6") – infinity Magnification at close range:1:12 Coverage at close range: 29x43 cm (11.4" x 1' 4.9") Angle of view diag/horiz/vert:
47/39/27 degrees Filter: M43x0.75 Weight: 210 g (7.4 oz.)

Why M-mount?
For more than 50 years now, passionate 35 mm photographers have been embracing the M-mount rangefinder camera system. From the lens designer's perspective, a rangefinder camera offers an exciting advantage over single lens reflex (SLR) cameras: more space. After all, there is no moving reflex mirror and drive mechanism. This allows for a short distance between the last lens element and the film meaning more opportunities for designing of superior lens types, including high performing wide-angle lenses.

A passion ready for the challenge
For Zeiss lens designers, the chance to develop the Carl Zeiss family of T* ZM-mount lenses was a dream come true. They were free to follow their passion in pursuit of perfection in lens performance, taking full advantage of our uncompromising symmetric lens designs. The only limitation was to reserve 15 mm in front of the film for the TTL exposure metering, commonplace in M-mount cameras. The result is a complete range of the most advanced M-mount lenses ever made.

Superior in every way
The Carl Zeiss range of T* ZM-mount lenses offers the highest possible standards in terms of performance, reliability and, of course, image quality. Quite simply, they are superior in every way. You can count on highly advanced flare control for crisp and brilliant images, for example. And virtually zero geometric distortion, ensuring precise accuracy when reproducing shapes – especially useful when photographing products and architecture.
Carl Zeiss T* ZM-mount lenses are specifically designed to minimize focus shift with aperture changes – an important innovation with big benefits for rangefinder photography. As a result, you can expect improved accuracy of the rangefinder-defined focus. While the precise 10-blade aperture with 1/3 stop interval click stops ensures exact exposure. For reliable performance, Carl Zeiss T* ZM-mount lenses are designed with a wear resistant filter mount and an extremely accurate rangefinder coupling mechanism.


  • Virtually zero geometric distortion for accurate reproduction of object shapes, particularly products and architecture
  • Reduces unintended focus shift with aperture variation for improved accuracy of rangefinder defined focus
  • Precise 10-blade aperture with 1/3 stop interval click stops ensures exact exposure
  • Wear resistant filter mount for long-term reliability in tough conditions
  • Highly advanced flare control that ensures crisp, brilliant images
  • Extremely accurate rangefinder coupling mechanism ensures optical precision, contributing to superior image quality

The highly sophisticated lenses Distagon T* 2.8/15 ZM, Biogon T* 2.8/21 ZM and Sonnar T* 2/85 ZM complete the Carl Zeiss T* ZM-mount range and will be available in early 2005. Because we never take shortcuts, they have required a longer design process. We also decided to make these groundbreaking lenses, with the exception of the Biogon T* 2.8/21 ZM, at Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen in Germany. Here we have unrivalled experience in designing and manufacturing the most advanced lenses in the photographic world. Examples include exceptionally high performance lenses for semiconductor manufacturing, cinematography and top quality medium format cameras. These Carl Zeiss T* ZM-mount lenses have really taken our passion to the extreme. And for you, well worth the wait.