Moersch Fatman Developer Kit with Finisher Blue (Parts A+B+C+Finisher Blue)

Model: 30683
Manufacturer: Moersch

This item is no longer available.
Moersch Fatman developer is designed with the occasional darkroom printer in mind. One developer for everything - in an emergency it even works as a film developer, as long as a super-fine-grain isn't necessary.

Three-part concentrate, extremely shelf-stable. Practically un-ruinable.
A - Developing substance
B - Anti-oxidant
C - Activator

Standard mix for paper: 10+10+15+1000 ml (A+B+C+Water). Stronger and/or weaker dilutions are also possible.

Available Sets:

  • Test Kit 200 ABC 50+50+100 for 5 Liter working solution.
  • 1 Liter Kit ABC: ABC 250+250+500ml + 50ml Finisher Blue. This is enough for 25 Liter working solution at the suggested dilutions.

Shelf life and capacity:
The working solution mixed at the recommended dilution Fatman is useable for at least 9 months, as long as it is stored in a totally full bottle. The capacity is around 50 sheets of 24x30cm paper for each liter of working solution - and it is possible to develop even more, as long as the volume hasn't been reduced to less than 600 ml. Image tone is warm-black to neutral-black, depending on the type of paper.

Finisher Blue (included in the larger kit): This additive gives a colder image tone. Use 5-10 ml / Liter Developer

Material Safety Data SheetMoersch Fatman Developer