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DASS ART Carrier Sheet 24 in. x 40 in., 2 Pack

Model: 303920
Manufacturer: DASS ART

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DASS ART Carrier Sheets are used to transport materials that you want to print on through your printer. Use these polyethylene sheets as a temporary base on which to build your surface. You can glue items to it like thin papers, metal foil, string, and a skin of acrylic paint, or use it to build a collage handmade substrate base. Then apply DASS ART Universal Precoat over the top and let it dry. Load your carrier sheet with your coated base and print your image directly onto your base. After printing, carefully peel off your items or collage handmade base and reuse the carrier sheet. Also great for Emulsion Lifts and SuperSauce Skins.

TIP: To determine which side of the sheet will move through your printer more smoothly, you will need to determine the natural curl of the carrier sheet. Hold the sheet by placing your hand underneath and support the sheet at its center, letting it drape over your hand. Looking at the side that drapes the most, you will build your image on the outside curve.

Make sure not to build your substrate thicker than what can easily transport through your printer. You may need to adjust your printer head height and platen gap to accommodate the carrier sheet with your created base.

* Can also be used to simply protect your workspace as it offers very easy clean up.


  •  0.016 inches thick/0.406 mm
  •  Polyethylene Sheets
  •  Comes rolled
  •  24x40, 2 pack
Product InstructionsDASS ART Carrier Sheet Tips

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