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DASS ART WonderSauce Clear - 16 oz.

Model: 303211
Manufacturer: DASS ART

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The Archival Pigment Emulsion Transfer System was developed by Bonny Lhotka. Her DASS ART line of products enables users to coat uncoated papers for inkjet printing or transfer images from pigment-printed, Inkjet Transparency films to a wide array of substrates, including paper, metal, and ceramics.

DASS ART WonderSauce Clear is a ready-to-use solution and is an alcohol free transfer medium that is complimentary to SuperSauce Solutio. Use Undiluted.

WonderSauce a non-Alcohol transfer medium that can be used by schools and for people who would rather use water based products. WonderSauce will transfer images to hot press watercolor papers, Stone paper, Arches Platine and Bergger.  Other art papers are not recommended because the WonderSauce must float on the surface of the substrate to create a successful transfer; so absorbent papers will not work. WonderSauce transfers beautifully to glass, acrylic, P95 acrylic, anodized aluminum, aged aluminum, mill finished aluminum, enameled metal, copper, clay board, tile board, plexiglass, frosted plex, polycarbonate, black foam core, mirrors, CineFoil, Medex®, MDF, Econolite, copper, birch, bamboo, and hardwoods.  The surface needs to be very clean, very smooth and mostly non absorbent. The edges on all substrates should be sanded smooth with 400 grit sandpaper. WonderSauce is not for use on Dibond. The WonderSauce transfer does not form a fluid skin so it cannot be used to make decals and skins like the SuperSauce. 

WonderSauce is to be used with the DASS Film. Photo Black inks must be used because Matte Black inks will bleed. This film has an additional layer of emulsion that helps move the image completely to a smooth surface in one minute. Once the image is dry the pigment is water resistant and adheres to the substrate. There will appear to be an irregular coating that you will feel on the dry surface. This coating needs to be washed away (deslimed). When held under water for one minute this coating will swell up and the slide off. You will see this milky slime wash away. Do not touch the surface. Use a hair dryer to dry the image quickly.

  • Water based solution (no mixing required) ready to use.
  • Works well with tin, glass, acrylic and smooth hot press type papers. Hard non-porous surfaces are best. 
  • When printing your image on transfer film, use Photo Black Ink as matte black ink will smear during the transfer process
  • Safe for classroom use

**Not to be used with dye based printers.

**Not to be used on Dibond Sheets


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