White Slim Angel Ultra Wide Angle (22mm) 35mm Camera

Model: 30241
Manufacturer: Powershovel

This item is no longer available.
The latest addition to the Powershovel/Superheadz collection is this compact and slim 35mm camera with a 22mm wide angle lens. It is a re-creation of the now legendary Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim 35mm camera.

Six models to choose from, black, white, blue, pink, yellow or gold.

The Black Slim Devil, Blue Slim Ribbon, Pink Slim Dress and
Yellow Slim Peace
are coated in rubber for a perfect grip) and
slim enough to fit in your back pocket.

The White Slim Angel and Gold Slim Harkin both have a gloss finish.

This is just the perfect camera to carry always with you, equipped
with a truly remarkable lens which renders superb images with all
the color, contrast and vignetting that you can dream of.