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Artists of the 20th Century: Man Ray - DVD

Model: 2662
Manufacturer: Misc

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Inventive, audacious, with an effervescent imagination, and a continual willingness to call traditional notions of art into question, Man Ray was the quintessiential avant-garde artist. Born in Philadelphia in 1890, and raised in Brooklyn, Emmanuel Radnitsky, later known as Man Ray, was always determined to become an artist. He came into his own in the 1920's when he joined his good friend, and fellow Dadaist, Marcel Duchamp in Paris. To earn a living while pursuing the more iconoclastic work that he loved, he took portrait and fashion photographs, eventually becoming the most celebrated commercial photographer in Paris. Man Ray began his fifty year career as a painter and designer and soon expanded to collage, printmaking, photography, object-making, sculpture and film, never attempting to establish a hierarchy for his various activities. Accompanied by images of the artist's greatest work.

Runtime = 50 minutes