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Arista 30x36 High Output UV Light Source Replacement Bulb

Model: 263036900
Manufacturer: Arista

Low Stock - Call 800.292.6137 for current status

The Arista High Output UV Light Source Replacement Bulb is a 36 inch F-30 T-8 bulb that runs at a peak wavelength of 370nm. It is for replacing lamps in the UV EXPOSURE SECTION of the Arista UV Light Source 30x36. Standard output replacement bulbs (item #2630369), are also available for a lower cost and longer exposure times.

If exposure consistency is problematic, it is recommended to install an entire set of 8 bulbs, when a bulb burns out or their strength begins to diminish.

For replacing the LIGHT TABLE (TOP) bulbs, please see item #2630365.


  • 30 watt bulb
  • Peak wavelength 370nm
  • High Output
  • Faster Exposure Times than Standard Output

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