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Bellini Hyposulfite Wash 500ml

Model: 2510039
Manufacturer: Bellini

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Bellini Foto has been operating in the field of photo chemistry since 1988. They want to preserve and pass on the precious experience of the analog world. Bellini is one of the only photo chemical companies that can say exclusively “Made in Italy”.

Bellini Hyposulfite Wash 500ml. Product to be used before the final rinse. Designed to reduce washing time by 5 minutes for films and 15 minutes for fiber based papers.


  • Product designed to reduce the washing time of films and baryta papers. It is used after fixing and before washing
  • Removing the ammonium thiosulphate (Hyposulfite) allows a more effective and faster washing of the support, prolonging its conservation
  • The product is available in 1 liter or 500ml format of concentrate to be diluted 1 + 19


Chemical Type Wash Aids
Liquid/Powder Liquid