Fotokemika Efke B&W Positive Paper
RC Matt - 5x7/25 sheets

Model: 22252
Manufacturer: EFKE/Fotokemika

This item is no longer manufactured.
A totally unique B&W paper product that yields a positive B&W image. Yes, you can use this paper in a large format camera or pinhole camera and shoot original photographs with no negative involved. The possibilities are endless!

Available in medium-weight RC Glossy or Matt paper as well as single-weight (140 gsm) fiber base matt surface paper.

Process in standard B&W paper developer.

Note: In order to control contrast you may have to use a greater dilution of developer such as Dektol 1:3 or 1:7.

Shoot in-camera at a speed rating of approximately ISO 1 - 6.

Note:  Paper is cut to exact size.  You may have to trim to fit in a large format cut film holder.

Use under red safelight conditions only!

This paper is the same paper sold in Europe as Kraus Silver Gelatine Reversal Paper.

Paper Type Resin Coated (RC)
Paper Size 5x7
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