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Omega LPL 4550 XLG Dichro Enlarger only

Model: 209457
Manufacturer: Omega

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The 4550XLG DICHRO's  extra-long box-beam girder of deep-anodized aluminum is strong, rigid and vibration-free. Allows you to print 20x24 images on the baseboard with all film formats from 35mm to 4x5. Fully counterbalanced carriage for effortless magnification control, plus an extended chassis, puts the lens axis just over fourteen inches from the column, making the enlarger easy to use with a large 20x24 professional 4-bladed easel on the baseboard.

Its light attenuator control (dichroic module only) allows you to instantly reduce light output by two f-stops, without affecting color temperature. Useful when making small prints or working with thin negatives to avoid excessively short exposure times and reciprocity problems.

Smooth controls; die-cast lens stage with square, extra-long bellows travels on twin stainless steel focusing tracks; left- and right-hand fast focus controls plus a 5:1 geared fine focus system.

Exclusive modular design allows changing out filtration modules: Dichroic, B&W Variable Contrast/Constant Exposure (VCCE), and B&W straight diffusion.

Fade-free dichroic filtration for continuously variable stepless color correction and contrast control: Cyan and Yellow: 0-200cc, Magenta: 0-170cc. In 1cc increments, displayed on illuminated and color-coded readouts. High-output quartz-halogen light source features a 250W lamp with integral dichroic reflector, cooled by a vibration-free, super-quiet Whisper Tone fan and high-efficiency heat sink. Voltage stabilized power supply regulates output to within +/- 2%, ensuring consistent color temperatures and predictable, repeatable exposures. -Large baseboard is a solid inch thick, fully laminated, and steel-reinforced. Baseboard dimensions 31.5x23.75. Large, non-skid/non-marring feet add stability.

NOTE: A lens and negative carrier are NOT included


Format: 35mm - 4x5"
Baseboard size: 31.5" x 23.75"
Column height: 53" (max. height 59" with head fully raised)
Lamp: 250W, 82V quartz halogen (EVW)
Illumination system: Diffusion
Filtration: 0-200 cyan, 0-200 yellow, 0-170 magenta
Lens mount: Threaded, interchangeable.

Enlarger Type Color Dichro