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20th Century X45 Dry Plate Holder for Graflex Cameras

Model: 204554
Manufacturer: 20th Century

In Stock

20th Century X45 Dry Plate Holder for Graflex Cameras. The 20th Century Camera 1100 series 4x5 Graflex Modular Holder for Graflex back the use the old style slotted holders is a unique way to shoot multiple photographic media, formats and sizes with a single holder. The holder consists of a hinged top cover, tray base replaceable light trap, and pressure plate. The tray base plate interfaces with your camera Graflex back just like the original slotted Graflex 4x5 2 sheet film holders. It has the same footprint as Graflex film holder and is only 2.5mm (0.1 in.) taller.

This Holder is not compatible with Graflok backs or backs design for use with standard modern 2 sheet film holder 

Works with:

  • 4x5" (4.05" x 5.05" 103mm x 128.8mm) for glass plates, aluminum trophy plate (Rockland Tintype black metal plates) installed

  • 4x5" Dry Plate 100.5mmx126.5mm  (J. Lane Pre-Coated B&W Glass Dry Plates)


Film Size 4x5