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Versalab Parallel 8x10 Adapter for Enlarger Alignment Gauge

Model: 2024810
Manufacturer: Versalab

In Stock

Versalab Parallel 8x10 Adapter for Enlarger Alignment Gauge accommodates negative carriers up to 8x10. 

Photographic reproduction equipment is only correctly aligned when the easel, the negative, and the lens mount are all accurately aligned parallel to each other. If they are not, the work will suffer.

There are many ways to verify alignment but only one stands out as the most convenient to use. The PARALLEL is a small, battery powered, very carefully aligned laser beam projector. Used with the supplied reflectors, it is a clear and easy-to-understand alignment indicating system. Accuracy of alignment is determined by the position of the red reflected laser dot. If everything is parallel, the red dot is reflected back to the center of the target. Misalignment becomes obvious if the dot is anywhere other than the center of the target. The progress of corrective adjustment is easily followed by watching the position of the dot as it moves in response to the changing alignment


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