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Psychedelic Blues 400 #3 35mm x 24 exp.

Model: 196934
Manufacturer: Psychedelic Blues

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Psychedelic Blues 400 #3 is an experimental film. Fresh, commercially available color negative film is pre-exposed to red, blue, purple, pink, and orange light. The process used to make this film has been designed to have slight variations between rolls.

Psychedelic Blues 400 is for photographers looking to add a colorful light-leak look to their photos, without using a light-leak prone camera body or lens. For even more psychedelic fun, a color filter can be put on your lens or over your light source(s). 


  • Pops of color throughout the roll
  • 35mm 
  • 24 exposures 
  • C41 Process 
  • Made in USA

LAB PROCESSING WARNING: Due to the SPECIAL EFFECTS applied to PSYCHEDLIC BLUES film, film processing labs may MANUALLY SCAN this film. This could result in extra charges.


Film Size 35mm
Speed (ISO) 400 ISO
Roll Length 24 Exposure

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