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Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI Flash/Strobe

Model: 1957002
Manufacturer: Canon

This item is no longer manufactured.

The all-new Speedlite 470EX-AI is engineered to change the way you think about flash photography. As the world's first flash with an AI Bounce function (Auto Intelligent)*, the Speedlite 470EX-AI is equipped to detect the distance to your subject as well as the ceiling in order to calculate the ideal angle for the flash to achieve desired results, automatically. That's right, the flash head swivels in multiple directions to formulate the ideal bounce flash angle while you simply watch it work. The Speedlite 470EX-AI can even maintain defined exposure and bounce angles when you're alternating between horizontal and vertical compositions. In addition, it boasts a powerful maximum guide number of 47 (154 ft./47m) at ISO 100, a zooming flash head and numerous features for versatile and powerful flash photography.


  • Speedlite 470EX-AI
  • Bounce Adapter SBA-E4
  • Soft Case
  • Instruction Book
  • Warranty Card
  • World's First Flash Equipped with an AI Bounce Function*
  • AI.B Full-auto Mode and AI.B Semi-auto Mode Settings
  • Maximum Guide Number of 47 (154 ft./47m) at ISO 100
  • AF Assist Beam Emission in Low-light Scenes

Compatible Cameras: Type-A EOS cameras (E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash) with Type-B EOS cameras, only manual flash and second-curtain sync are possible.

Guide Number: The maximum Guide No. is approximately 154 ft./47m at ISO 100 and 105mm flash coverage. When the extendable wide panel is pulled out, the flash coverage is 14mm.

Number of Flashes: When using flash only and AA/LR6 alkaline batteries approx. 115-800 flashes. When using flash only and AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries approx. 140-966 flashes. Nominal min. time when using 1900mAh type AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries. Based on Canon Testing Standards.

Recycling Time: When using flash only and AA/LR6 alkaline batteries - Normal flash: 0.1-5.5 sec.; Quick flash: 0.1-3.9 sec. When using flash only and AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries - Normal flash: 0.1-3.5 sec.; Quick flash: 0.1-2.8 sec. Nominal min. time when using 1900mAh type AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries. Based on Canon Testing Standards.

Flash Range: Effective flash range with EF 50mm f/1.4 lens at ISO 100 and standard light distribution. Normal Flash: Approx. 2.3-77.1 ft./0.7-23.5m; Quick Flash (at Guide No. 66.3 ft./20.2m): Approx. 2.3-47.2 ft./0.7-14.4m; High-speed Sync (at 1/250 sec. shutter speed): Approx. 2.3-41.0 ft./0.7-12.5m

AF Assist Beam: System: Infrared AF-assist beam. Compatible AF System: TTL second image formation phase-difference AF; Supporting 1-16 AF points (28mm or longer focal length) Phase-difference AF during viewfinder shooting. Quick mode during Live View shooting and movie shooting. Effective Range (Approx.): At center: 2.3-32.8 ft./0.7-10.0m; At periphery: 3.3-16.4 ft./1.0-5.0m

Custom Functions: 10 Custom Functions, 9 Personal Functions

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