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Ars-Imago Metal Film Retriever

Model: 192140
Manufacturer: Ars-Imago

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Isn't this your darkroom nightmare? How does one quickly retrieve the end in a 135 film roll? 
Introducing the easy-to-use and useful Film Retriever for 35mm film!

Ars-Imago Film Retriever is the best tool for extracting the film leader from 35mm cartridges. 


  • Insert the film retriever in closed position into the canister until the tooth touches the edge
  • While holding the tooth, pull out the lower tab as far as it will go 
  • Rotate the spool hub counter-clockwise until you will hear the most audible click
  • Stop turning and rotate the hub clockwise until it begins to offer resistance 
  • Push the lower tab in as far as possible, then slowly withdraw the retriever to recover the film leader 



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