Efke IR820 B&W Infrared
120 size

Model: 191821
Manufacturer: EFKE/Fotokemika

This item is no longer manufactured.

This is the exact same formulation as Maco IR820c Precision Infrared film. It has a spectral sensitivity up to 820nm and available in a variety of formats including 35mm, 120 size, 127 size, 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10.

When used with filters that are deep to opaque red it is effective in creating scenes where foliage and clouds are pure-white, while water and blue sky is coal black.

Warm skin tones and lips will appear white. It has infrared spectral sensitivity up to 820nm.

Note:  Testing of this emulsion has shown that the best results are obtained by using an Opaque Hoya R72, Tiffen #87, #89 or B+W 092 filter and rate at 1 - 1.5 ISO. Aperture f/16 - 1 - 8 second exposure.  (Reciprocity failure applies)

Near-infrared results are obtained by exposing the film at ISO 25 with Red 25A filter. Aperture f/16 Shutter speed 1/30th second. (Reciprocity failure applies)

Film Size 120
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