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Rockland Colloid AG Plus Emulsion - 1/2 Pint

Model: 18324
Manufacturer: Rockland Colloid

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Photographic emulsion is a silver-based light sensitive material that can be applied to any surface, exposed by an enlarger and processing in conventional  black and white chemistry. It is virtually the same emulsion found on ordinary photographic paper but in a liquid form and can allow the emulsion to be coated on a wide range of surfaces.

Ag-Plus photographic emulsion is a premium gelatine-silver emulsion with higher sensitivity and the convenience of using emulsion in camera instead of film, as is the case with tintypes, ambrotypes and some other alternative processes. It is also a help when oversize prints are made at a considerable distance from the enlarger. Rockland emulsions are non-flammable and odorless with no phenol or VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and are completely safe for use in darkrooms.


  • Liquid Photo Emulsion
  • Fixed Grade 3 Emulsion
  • 8 ounces coats approximately 12 square feet


Liquid/Powder Liquid
Product InstructionsRockland Photographic Emulsion Instructions
Material Safety Data SheetRockland AG-Plus Emulsion