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LegacyPro Squeeze 'n' Pour Bottle - 32 oz.

Model: 183032
Manufacturer: LegacyPro

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LegacyPro SQUEEZE 'N' POUR Storage Bottles feature extra strong construction made from high grade polypropylene with resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.

Designed for storing stock solutions that need to be measured out for working solutions, these bottles allow you go from stock to working in less time, with no spillage and no graduates to clean. The Squeeze 'n' Pour bottles are filled with one opening, measured by squeezing the chemical up into the graduated section and then poured out through the other opening.

STORE and MEASURE, in the same bottle! Safer. Cleaner. Faster.


  • 32 oz. Bottle (1 oz./30 ml Measuring Chamber)
  • Unique Design
  • Strong Construction
  • Safe and Clean Measuring
  • Dual Openings for Filling and Pouring
  • Prevents Spillage
  • See-Through for Easy Stock Check
  • Also available in 64 oz. size

Try out the LegacyPro Tip 'n' Pour bottles for an alternative method of in-bottle measuring.