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J. Lane Pre-Coated B&W Glass Speed Plates ISO 25 - 4x5/10 Pack

Model: 181450

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J. Lane 4x5 plates are actually cut to 100mm x 127mm to fit ALL plate holders (including Linhof, Chamonix, etc., as well as plate holders from the era of dry plate photography). 

Gelatin dry plate photography dates from the 1870's, when silver halide photographic emulsion was hand-poured onto glass plates and allowed to dry, prior to use as a negative. The development of dry plate negatives made photography more convenient than the wet plate process of the Civil War era - which required the negative to be exposed and developed onsite.

With dry plate photography, the need for a portable darkroom was eliminated, making photography more accessible and allowing more people to become amateur photographers. When Kodak started producing “modern” film by coating flexible celluloid in the late 1800's, the use of glass as a substrate was rendered obsolete. Dry plate photography faded out of common use, by the late 1920s.

"I make my own dry plates for my photography, and have been doing so for several years. I've developed a recipe that I like, and, when coated, the plates come out beautiful. I like the look of this basic emulsion so much that I decided to start selling them to share with other photographers interested in the process." ​– Jason Lane, founder of Pictoriographica and creator of J. Lane Dry Plates

The ASA 25 Orthochromatic plates (Speed Plates) are coated with an ultra fine-grain, high contrast orthochromatic emulsion, with response from UV through the visible spectrum up to 610nm. The high contrast is excellent for alternative process printing or for printing onto multigrade paper at grade 0. The long toe of the characteristic curve preserves shadow details for scanning. As with other primitive processes, the effective speed of the plate will vary depending on actual UV levels. The emulsion has been designed to meter at ASA 25 under early spring northward lighting at moderate latitudes, but expect actual speed to vary by up to a stop or more. 

They are packed 10 to a box. These are hand-coated onto hand-cut glass. The glass edges are ground for safety but please handle carefully. The edges of the plate are notched very similar to how sheet film is notched, so you can orient by feel in complete darkness if you don't have a safe light. Each plate is inspected, visually, after coating. Even so, be aware that there might be minor flaws in the emulsion which will add character to the final product.

Handle carefully during development. The emulsion is fragile while wet. It holds up well enough during the development process, but any agitation should be gentle.

You will need to acquire a plate holder (too thick for film holders). The plates will work in any 4x5 camera. 


  • Gelatin coated glass dry plates 
  • 25 ASA 
  • Actual Dimensions (Length x Width): 100mm x 127mm (3.9370 in. x 5.000 in.)
  • Plate thickness: 1.3 mm (0.050 in.)
Film Size 4x5
Speed (ISO) 25 ISO

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