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Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference

Model: 17935
Manufacturer: Misc

This item is no longer manufactured.

FLAVR is a portable visual reference guide for using 35mm photographic film stocks - both past and present. Take the guess work out of evaluating exposure, contrast, dynamic range and tonal graduation for one hundred different films. FLAVR... THE film lovers analogue visual reference shows off almost 100 different 35mm films.

Each and every image remained the same - with the exception of the film stock. The camera, lens, model, studio, and exposure are identical (per film ISO), thus giving the best results for comparing one film to another.

FLAVR is the perfect way to quickly compare variations between film brands and even has several examples of expired, discontinued, and rare films.

Don't buy another roll of film, until you check out FLAVR!

214 pages

This book is meant to be an inspirational jumping-off point for film photographers interested in the scope of the basic medium of the craft and acts as a preservation of film history in print for future generations to enjoy. This self-funded, self-edited, self-published, self-promoted product, from an independent amateur film photographer, is a grass-roots publication attempting to give something back to the film community, in spite of the financial and logistical challenges it presented. It is an exercise in perspiration for inspiration - not perfection. With your purchase, this is also your story - one film photographer recognizing the effort of another film photographer working to enrich the film community, one sale at a time.