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Rockland Colloid Liquid Light Photo Emulsion - 16 oz.

Model: 16516
Manufacturer: Rockland Colloid

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Approx. delivery date from vendor: Dec 3, 2021

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Photographic emulsion is a silver-based, light sensitive material that can be applied to any surface, exposed by an enlarger, and processed in conventional black and white chemistry. It is virtually the same emulsion found on ordinary photographic paper but in a liquid form and can allow the emulsion to be coated on a wide range of surfaces.

Liquid Light© is a b&w photographic emulsion for printing on wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, china, fabric, metal, rock, paper, artist’s canvas, walls, any surface - including tintypes.

Now with faster speed for higher contrast. Printing with Liquid Light is the same as with enlargement paper. Under amber or red safelight, brush the emulsion onto a surface. Expose with an enlarger or slide projector. Process with standard paper developer and fixer. Prints are archival, with a full range of tones and transparent highlights that reveal the color and texture of the material underneath.


  • Safe to use: Rockland emulsions are non-flammable and odorless with no phenol or VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and are completely safe for use in darkrooms.
  • Long Shelf Life: They stay fog-free for years. To assure reliability, the shelf life is stamped on the package.
  • Darkroom Sensitivity: They are fast enough for big enlargements but not over-sensitive to safelight exposure during coating and drying. Nothing has to be added before use.
  • Controllable Contrast: Contrast is medium high-- about the equivalent a #3 paper. Lower contrast can be obtained by using a soft-acting developer.
  • Coverage: High silver content allows one ounce of emulsion to cover one and a half square feet. Example: 8 ounces (half-pint) sensitizes up to 12 square feet.
  • Non-Yellowing: They leave absolutely clear highlights with no discoloration.
  • Optical Brighteners: They contain optical brighteners to give extra snap to highlights.
  • Permanence: Prints made with Liquid Light emulsion are truly archival due to the colloidal silver image, and will not fade if properly processed.


Liquid/Powder Liquid
SDS (Safety Data Sheet)Rockland Liquid Light
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