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Holga Instant Film Back

Model: 159120
Manufacturer: Holga

This item is no longer manufactured.

Turn your Holga into the most unique instant camera you've ever seen with the Holga Instant Film Back!

The Holga Instant back is custom-built to fit the Holga 120 series of cameras (and Woca cameras!), easily clipped to the rear of your camera with no extra hardware. The included diopter mounts over the Holga's lens, so the light from your scene hits the instant film plane properly. For added accuracy in aiming your camera, you can attach the included Holga Instant Viewfinder. Then, just load your favorite 669/690 format film, like Fuji FP-100C (#66910), and have fun! 


  • Instant Back
  • 0.3x Diopter
  • Viewfinder
  • Battery Holder/Mask

Holga camera in photo not included.

Accommodates Polaroid 669/690 series films as well as Fuji Instant Print Film FP-100C/FP-3000B.


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