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Jobo 1500S Starter Kit Large

Model: 1540001
Manufacturer: Jobo

In Stock

The big JOBO LAB Kit L includes 2 further wonderful additions to the LAB Kit M: The JOBO Tank 1540 fits twice as many rolls of film as the Tank 1520. When used in rotation processing, the 470ml chemistry consumption remains the same as with the Tank 1520 in hand inversion. Manual rotation processing is made possible with the elegant roller base included in this set. Your film processing could not be more efficient.


  • FILM CAPACITY: 4 x 135-36 // 4 x 120
  • 1 JOBO Tank 1540, including 2 reels 1501
  • 2 Scaled JOBO bottles - 1000ml
  • 1 JOBO Graduate - 260ml
  • 1 JOBO Graduate -20ml
  • 2 Sets of JOBO Film Clips
  • 1 JOBO Color Thermometer
  • 1 JOBO Cascade
  • 1 Roller Base 1509