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Arista Silver Artist Series Fine Art VC Matte 8x10/25 Sheets - White

Model: 152382
Manufacturer: Arista Silver Artist

This item is no longer available.

Arista Silver Artist Series Fine Art Black and White Paper

Freestyle's unique positioning in the world market of photographic products has enable us to create a unique black and white, variable contrast paper. We've matched a high silver content emulsion with BFK Rives, 280 gsm, 100% cotton, fine art paper, manufactured in France. BFK Rives is considered one of the finest and most respected of all fine art papers in the world.

Available in very limited quantities in 8x10 or 11x14 in either white matte or grey matte. If sales are successful, we will expand the line to include other sizes and base colors.

Freestyle is in the process of producing a new batch of this exceptional fine art paper.  Please be patient as we increase the sizes surface and selection of this line of paper.

  • Traditional Black and White Paper
  • Fine Art BFK Rives Paper Base
  • Variable Contrast (VC)
  • Develop in standard black and white chemicals
  • Best used under red or dim OC safelight conditions
  • Recommend to wash no more than 20 minutes

Paper Surface Matte
Paper Size 8x10