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Kodak Dektol Paper Developer to Make 1 Gallon

Model: 1464726
Manufacturer: Kodak

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Approx. delivery date from vendor: Feb 28, 2020


Kodak Dektol is a standard powder paper developer for RC and fiber-based papers. Dektol is particularly rich, and suitable for processing in trays. 


  • Produces neutral or cold tones with cold-tone papers and warm tones with warm- tone papers
  • Offers high capacityy and uniform development rate
  • Powder, makes 1 Gallon of stock solution
  • Dilute 1:2 for working solution
  • Note: Can also be used with some films. (Added Contrast)

Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Powder
Material Safety Data SheetKodak Dektol Paper Developer