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Kodak Dektol Paper Developer to Make 1 Gallon

Model: 1464726
Manufacturer: Kodak

In Stock

Kodak Dektol is a standard powder paper developer for RC and fiber-based papers. Dektol is particularly rich, and suitable for processing in trays. 


  • Produces neutral or cold tones with cold-tone papers and warm tones with warm- tone papers
  • Offers high capacityy and uniform development rate
  • Powder, makes 1 Gallon of stock solution
  • Dilute 1:2 for working solution
  • Note: Can also be used with some films. (Added Contrast)


Although Dektol is mixing darker than normal, this is due to a non-photo active impurity and has no impact on the performance of the product.

They are working to resolve the color issue, and appreciate your patience and feedback.

For further questions regarding this issue, instructions, and disposal of Dektol, or any Kodak chemical issue, please reach out to:

Chemical Type BW Paper Developer
Liquid/Powder Powder
SDS (Safety Data Sheet)Kodak Dektol Paper Developer