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LegacyPro EcoPro Neutral Fixer
5 Gallons (concentrate)

Model: 1231302
Manufacturer: EcoPro

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LegacyPro EcoPro products are designed for the highest image quality and the lowest toxicity.

  • FREE of known carcinogens and mutagens
  • FREE of Metol, hydroquinone, borates and phosphates
  • FREE of non-biodegradable organic compounds: EDTA and DTPA
  • FREE of acetic acid, perfume and dye
  • Designed to shorten processing time and minimize water usage
  • Designed to minimize chemical wastage
  • Designed for highest archival standard
  • Allows creative controls such as image tone and toner response
  • Allows extended tray and shelf life

LEGACYPRO ECOPRO NEUTRAL FIXER is a virtually odorless, non-hardening rapid fixer ideal for use with black and white film and paper. This all-purpose fixer is designed to expedite fixing and washing speed, whilst maximizing image quality and permanence. Fiber based prints can be washed to the highest standard with less washing time than other fixers, significantly reducing water wastage. pH is buffered at about 7 when mixed fresh, and is designed to resist acid stop solution carryover. Suitable for use with all black and white materials, including pyro and staining-type developers.

 - Compatible with reusable Large Mouth Spigot #0310090

 - Dilute 1+4 for optimal fixing and washing time. For RC prints, 1+7 dilution may be used with extended fixing time.

 - Makes 25 - 40 Gallons of working solution.

Available in 1 Quart, 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon concentrate.

We recommend treating this fixer as any other fixer. Exhausted fixer should be disposed of through a reclamation process.

Shipping to the Continental U.S.:

  • 1-4 EcoPro 5 Gallon Chemical items - $69.00 each
  • 5+ EcoPro 5 Gallon Chemical Items - $30.00 each
Chemical Type Fixer
Liquid/Powder Liquid