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JTL Soft Box for Versalight J-160

Model: 1223
Manufacturer: JTL

This item is no longer manufactured.

The translucent light produced by this JTL Softbox has been the photographer's friend for over 10 years. While the beautiful light quality of the softbox hasn't changed over the years, the fabrics have been greatly improved for still photography. These improvements come about through ongoing strobe bank development plus experience in building softboxes for the larger output monolights. The new fabrics are much more resistant to the effects of heat, age and pollution. The color temperature of this softbox is near neutral, and will stay that way through many years of professional use. The small size directs the flash efficiently with little f/stop loss. This box is great for head & shoulder portrait shots and still life photography where complete light control and soft quality is important. 


  • Works with item #1104

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