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Adox Adotech CMS II Film Developer - 100 ml

Model: 12050100
Manufacturer: Adox

This item is no longer manufactured.

The Adox Adotech CMS II developer is specially formulated for the Adox CMS II ISO 20 films. It enhances highlight differentiation and straightens the curve of CMS II film. Also it helps to avoids streaking the negative making it the perfect choice for CMS II. If developed in Adotech, you can expose Adox CMS II ISO 20 between ISO 12 and 20 to get images with perfect halftones.


  • Film developer recommended for Adox CMS II films
  • 100 ml to process 6 rolls of 35mm film - or equivalent
  • Dilution 1:14 to make 1500 ml of working solution
  • Shelf life of the developer can be extended by adding water, see instructions for details

This developer is a new formulation of the Adotech developer released July 2014 and is a replacement for the previous version.

New Features

  • Produces better gray tones in the highlights when compared to the original
  • Contrast curve is more linear
  • Adox CMS 20 II film has nearly the same contrast curve as a normal black and white film when developed in the new developer

Note: This developer is for use with the CMS 20 Type II films or films having the description "For pictorial use in combination with ADOTECH II developer" printed on them. This developer is not for use with the old version of Adox CMS 20 film.


Chemical Type BW Film Developer
Liquid/Powder Liquid

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