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Adox Adotech CMS II Film Developer

Model: 120501
Manufacturer: Adox

This item is no longer manufactured.

The new Adox Adotech CMS II developer is specially formulated for the Adox CMS II ISO 20 films. It enhances highlight differentiation and straightens the curve of CMS II film. Also it helps to avoids streaking the negative making it the perfect choice for CMS II. If developed in Adotech, you can expose Adox CMS II ISO 20 between ISO 12 and 20 to get images with perfect halftones.


  • Film developer recommended for Adox CMS II films
  • Liquid
  • Bottle with 50 ml to process 6 films
  • Dilution 1:29, 16.5 ml developer to 483.5 ml water for 2 films
  • Shot at ISO 12, develop 8.5 min. at 68 degree F
  • Shot at ISO 20, develop 10 min. at 75 degree F
  • Shelf life of the developer can be extended by adding water, see instructions for details



Chemical Type BW Film Developer
Liquid/Powder Liquid
Product InstructionsAdox Adotech II Developer
Product InstructionsAdox CMS II Developing