Adox CMS 20 High Resolution 35mm x 36 exposure

Model: 12036
Manufacturer: Adox

This item is no longer manufactured.
Note: This film is the original version of the Adox CMS 20 and should be developed only with the Adox CMS developer, not the newer Adox CMS II developer.

Adox CMS 20 is the one of the sharpest, most fine grain films available.

The Cubic Crystal Monodispesed Single Layer in the CMS film means round silver grains coated one layer a single grain thick. Since this is the smallest grains of silver that technology can produce, the film has the highest resolution, the finest grain and is the sharpest film in the world.

The AHU Anti-Halation layer between the emulsion and the film base guarantees sharpness when used with Adotech CMS developer.  The CMS developer yields true to life halftones enabling you to make pictures that no-one will believe were taken on a 35mm camera.


  • 35mm film
  • ISO 20
  • Ultra-High Resolution Film
  • AHU anti halation layer guarantees sharpness yet preventing any halation effect
  • Must be developed with Adotech CMS developer
Note:  The manufacturer does not supply this film with expiration dates as the film is very slow and stable for many years.

Film Size 35mm