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Adox CMS II 20 ISO High Resolution Film - 4x5/50 Sheets

Model: 120145
Manufacturer: Adox

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Adox CMS II ISO 20 is the one of the sharpest, most fine grain films available.  If used in pictorial photography the film achieves ISO 12 to 20 when used with Adotech II developer.

The film achieves grain free enlargements of up to about 8 feet diagonally. This equals about 500 megapixels in a digital camera. This is due to the special monodisperse ultra high resolution emulsion of the film.

The AHU anti halation layer in between emulsion and base material guarantees sharpness yet preventing any halation effect. Adox CMS 20 has an orthopanchromatic sensitization which differentiates perfectly between colors. No green filter is necessary in portrait photography.

When used with Adotech II developer, this film producese perfect halftones and creates images no one would possibly believe to have been made with a medium format film.

The film's base is totally transparent making it possible to reverse it and use it as an ultra-high resolution slide film with extreme projecting possibilities. In order to achieve this, develop the film in Adotech II and then develop in a reversal process.

If developed in Adotech II you can expose CMS 20 to ISO 20 and get images with perfect halftones. In low contrast situations and with prolonged developing times the achievable speed increases to up to ISO 32.


  • Traditional black and white film
  • Ultra-High Resolution Film
  • AHU anti halation layer guarantees sharpness yet preventing any halation effect
  • Must be developed with Adotech II developer

Note: Adox CMS II 20 4x5 must be developed with Adotech CMS II developer and does not work with the previous version of this developer Adotech CMS.


Film Size 4x5

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