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Arista Premium BW Chromo Activator for Chromoskedasic Sabattier Process - 32 oz.

Model: 10945
Manufacturer: Arista Premium

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The history of the process called Chromoskedasic Sabattier starts with Dominic Man-Kit Lam who first wrote about it in Scientific American November 1991.  He discovered that if you process standard BW photographic paper partially in standard paper developer such as Dektol, then using various measures of Kodak Ektamatic SC Activator and Stabilizer (used in Kodak Royal Print processors in the past) while exposing the print to light (sabattier or solarization), that it was possible to create images with a unique color palette and in some instances with a interesting "silvering" effect.  These chemicals in the presence of light will produce deep red-browns, blues, yellows, oranges, greens and even purple.

As Kodak Ektamatic Activator and Stabilizer were both discontinued many years ago, Freestyle Photographic Supplies, with the technical assistance of Freestyle Advisory Board Member, Christina Anderson and Chromoskedasic Sabattier artist Alan Bean, has partnered with a prominent chemical supplier to bring these chemicals back to market so that the technique called Chromoskedasic Sabattier can continue.


  • Use with Arista BW Chromo Stabilizer
  • For use with RC and FB papers
  • See instructions for use

When Arista Premium BW Chromo Activator and Stabilizer are mixed together they will emit a strong non-toxic ammonia odor.  We recommend using a standard vapor reduction mask you can purchase at a local hardware store when using these chemicals.

List of Freestyle Tested Papers for the Chromoskedasic Sabattier Process, other papers and surfaces may work; they just have not been tested yet.  The key is silver content , the higher the silver, the better the results.

Resin Coated B&W Papers:

  • Arista.EDU Ultra VC RC Glossy
  • Adox MCP312 VC RC Semi-Matte/Pearl
  • Foma Fomatone RC VC WT Velvet 333
  • Foma Fomatone RC VC WT Matte 332

Fiber Based B&W Papers:

  • Arista.EDU Ultra VC Glossy
  • Arista.EDU Ultra VC Matte
  • Foma Fomatone FB VC WT Velvet 133
  • Foma Fomatone FB VC WT Matte 132
  • Ilford MG FB Warmtone 24K Semi-Matte


Liquid/Powder Liquid

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