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Hahnemühle Varnish for Canvas Inkjet Prints - 1 Liter Glossy

Model: 10640734
Manufacturer: Hahnemühle

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Hahnemühle Varnish is a ready-to-use mix that was designed to suit every Hahnemühle or Harman by Hahnemühle canvas. This non-yellowing coating was created to enhance the UV protection and archivability of our canvases. Using the Varnish adds color vibrancy and water-resistance to your canvas. Hahnemühle Varnish will professionally add a protective finish to the surface of your canvas inkjet prints.

Hahnemühle Varnish is water-based. It adds richness to the blacks and color gamut of pigment and ultrachrome inks. It also preserves your colors from fading. Additionally, the varnish will protect your canvases from cracking and guards against fungals caused by environments with high humidity. The varnish leaves nothing but a clear coating after application.

Hahnemühle Varnish can be applied easily with a hand roller directly onto the canvas inkjet print. Make sure your prints are completely hard-dried (we recommend allowing the print to dry 24 hours prior to varnishing), as well as dust and lint-free. Before use, thoroughly stir Hahnemühle Varnish for at least 2-3 minutes to achieve an even consistency. Pour a small amount into a roller tray and saturate a foam roller evenly. Using consistent pressure, start rolling in different directions until the entire print is coated. Let Hahnemu?hle Varnish dry for 2-3 minutes, then roll the entire area once again – this time without pressure. About 30 min. later, Hahnemühle Varnish will become dry to the touch but please note the drying time depends on the thickness of the layers and other factors such as humidity, air circulation and ambient temperature. We recommend allowing the print to rest overnight.

Hahnemühle Varnish is available in three different versions. You can choose between a matte, satin and glossy finish. Roller not included. 

Bottles of varnish may have deposits in the bottle. Scrape the sides and stir vigorously to get varnish back into solution. Shaking may not be sufficient.


  • Easy to apply and leaves a clear coat
  • Makes canvas surface water-resistant
  • Fast drying, water-based, ready-to-use mixture
  • Protects canvas from cracking and environmental contaminants


Material Safety Data SheetHahnemuhle Varnish