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Leica M7 .72 Black Body only

Model: 105031
Manufacturer: Leica

This item is no longer available.

Premiere of a classic

Classics are works that clash with the present. They are never modified – instead they are re-interpreted on the basis of a changed world: With the LEICA M7, a classic celebrates a new premiere. Convenience and fast operation of the camera have been enhanced even further with automatic shutter speed control and detail improvements. The Leica cloth focal plane shutter with its vibration-free and quiet action is a must for a genuine Leica M camera is now controlled electronically. Form, size and the proven operating concept were retained without changes. Virtually all system components of the preceding models remain compatible. Photography with the new LEICA M7 is a surprisingly new and yet unchanged experience.

The LEICA M7 at a glance

  • Make automatic exposures: stepless automatic shutter speed control with metered value storage
  • Work more accurately: cloth focal plane shutter controls exposure times electronically
  • Stay informed at all times: Unique LED integrated in the viewfinder
  • Start immediately: An ON/OFF switch is positioned ergonomically right next to the release button
  • Flash at ultra-high exposure times: In conjunction with special Metz flash units can now flash at synch speeds up to 1/1000 second
  • Use flash creatively: Flash unit can also be triggered by the second shutter curtain
  • Prevent faulty exposures: DX coding and override feature in the automatic exposure mode

Technical Data of LEICA M7

Camera type
Compact 35 mm rangefinder system camera with electronically controlled shutter plus two mechanically controlled shutter speeds.

Leica M lenses with focal lengths from 21 to 135 mm

Viewfinder principle
Large, bright combined range- and viewfinder with bright-line frames and automatic parallax compensation. Eyepiece corrected for -0.5 diopter. Correction lenses from -3 to +3 diopters are available.

Bright-line frames
are activated in pairs: 28 and 90 mm (90 mm by itself in he LEICA M7 0.85), 35 and 135 mm (35 mm by itself in the LEICA M7 0.58), and 50 and 75 mm. The respective bright-line frames are activated automatically when a lens is locked in place. Any desired frame can be previewed by means of he preview lever.

Parallax compensation: The horizontal and the vertical differences between the views covered by the lens and by the viewfinder are automatically corrected as the lens is focused, i.e. the bright-line frame in the viewfinder covers the same segment of the subject that the lens does.

Large base rangefinder: Split-image and coincident-image rangefinder within a bright field in the center of the viewfinder image.

Effective measurement base
LEICA M7 0.58: 40.2 mm /LEICA M7 0.72: 49.9 mm /LEICA M7 0.85: 58.9 mm

Exposure metering
Selective through-the-lens (TTL) exposure metering at working aperture. Center-weighted integral TTL metering for flash exposures with dedicated SCA 3000 standard flash units.

Measurement principle
The camera measures the light reflected by a white spot in the center of the first shutter curtain. That spot has a diameter of 12 mm and it covers approx. 13% of the full film format.

Metering range (at ISO 100/21° and f/1)From 0.03 cd/qm to 125000 cd/qm. In terms of exposure values, his corresponds to EV-2 to EV-20 or 4 seconds at f/1 to 1/1000 second at f/32. The left triangular LED of the light balance in the viewfinder blinks when the reflected brightness is below the camera’s metering range.

Film speed range
Choice of automatic film speed setting with DX-coded film cartridges from ISO 25/15° to ISO 5000/38° or manual setting from ISO 6/9° to ISO 25000/45°. By means of the exposure over-ride (½ EV), films with speeds ranging from ISO 1.5/3° to ISO 25000/45° can be used.

Exposure modes: Choice of automatic control of the shutter speed with corresponding viewfinder display at a pre-selected f-stop (aperture-preferred automatic exposure), or manual setting of shutter speed and f-stop in accordance with the LED light balance in the viewfinder.

Flash exposure control
Flash unit connection
By means of the accessory shoe with central and control contacts (hot shoe) or via the standard flash connector socket. Synchronization: Can be triggered by the first or the second shutter curtain (with an appropriate flash unit and a SCA-3502 Adapter).

Flash synch speed
1/50 second, set automatically in the AUTO mode; slower shutter speeds can be used with manual settings; faster shutter speeds (1/250 s, 1/500 s, 1/1000 s) can be used with manual settings if the flash unit being used offers the "High Speed Synchronization" function with an SCA-3502 Adapter.

Flash exposure metering
(with an SCA-3501/3502 Adapter, or a standard SCA-3000 flash unit such as the LEICA SF20) TTL control with center-weighted integral metering.

Film speed range for TTL flash exposure meteringISO 12/12° to ISO 3200/36°.

Displays when flash is being used
Readiness : The flash symbol LED in the viewfinder remains lit.Flash confirmation: The LED remains lit or it temporarily blinks rapidly after the exposure. Under-exposure is indicated by a temporary extinction of the LED.

Viewfinder displays along its lower edge
LED symbol for flash status; four-digit, seven-segment LED digital display; display brightness adjusts automatically to ambient brightness; decimal point as well as a point above it for the indication of film speed; exposure correction warnings; the automatically generated shutter speed in the automatic mode; indication of the use of a stored exposure setting; warnings of brightness readings below or above the camera's measuring range in the automatic shutter speed mode and of exposure times longer than 2 seconds. LED light balance with two triangular and a central round LED in the manual exposure control mode.

Shutter and shutter release
Horizontally running, rubberized cloth focal plane shutter. Extremely quiet. Controlled electronically, plus two mechanically-set shutter speeds : 1/60 s and 1/125 s.

Shutter speeds
stepless from 32 s to 1/1000 s in the AUTO automatic shutter speed control mode. In the manual mode, from 4 s to 1/1000 s in full steps, plus "B" for time exposures of any length. Flash synch speed 1/50 s.

Shutter release
Three stages: energizing metered exposure value storage release. Release button has an integrated thread for standard cable releases.

Film transport
Advancing Manually with quick wind lever or motorized using LEICA MOTOR-M.

Manually with rewind lever after turning the lever to "R "on the front of the camera.

Frame counter
On the top of the camera. Resets automatically on removal of base plate.

Camera body Material
Enclosed all-metal body with foldable rear panel. Brass top plate and base plate, both chromium plated in black or silver.

Tripod thread
A 1/4 (1/4")DIN in base plate.

Operating voltage 6 V

Power supply
2 lithium cells, type "DL 1/3 N". Battery check shown by flashing of the LEDs in the digital display or the light balance or by illumination of the display "bc" or the LEDs going out.

Dimensions: (W x H x D) 138 x 79,5 x 38 mm

Weight: 610 g (1.34 lbs.) (without batteries)

Leica M7 cameras come with Leica 3 year limited warranty including 3 year Passport Warranty period.