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Formulary New Cyanotype Kit - 100ml

Model: 070095
Manufacturer: Formulary

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Formulary's New Cyanotype Kit was formulated by Dr. Michael Ware. This formula was published in the Jan / Feb 1997 issue of Photo Techniques. According to Dr. Ware, the New Cyanotype processes uses a single sensitizer solution. It boasts a long shelf life and makes prints with an excellent stable blue color and a long tonal response. The speed is much faster than the traditional process. It also loses little, if any, blue color in the final wash water and is much more suited to a greater variety of papers.


  • Makes 100ml of sensitizer solution
  • Coats approximately 50 8x10 prints
  • Produces a smoother texture more intense blue and longer tonal scale than the classic cyanotype kit
  • Exposure times are reduced and little fade in final wash compared to the classic cyanotype kit


Chemical Type Cyanotype
Liquid/Powder Powder
Product InstructionsFormulary New Cyanotype Kit
SDS (Safety Data Sheet)Formulary New Cyanotype Kit

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