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Formulary Iron Green Blue Powder Kit - 1 Liter

Model: 060200
Manufacturer: Formulary

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Formulary's Iron Green Blue Toner can produce either green or blue tones on fiber base papers. The green tone is a true green unlike most green toners, which have blue-green shadows and light green highlights. The blue tone produced is a bright blue, brighter than Formulary Iron Blue Toner. This kit has a high capacity for prints. This formula was reformulated in 1989. If you tried it previously and were concerned with some of the hazardous chemicals it contained, you will be happy with the new version.


  • For fiber-based papers
  • For true green or bright blue tones
  • High capacity for prints


Chemical Type Toners
Liquid/Powder Powder
Product InstructionsFormulary Iron Green Blue
Material Safety Data SheetFormulary Iron Green Blue