Havana Street Photography Workshop

Havana Cuba

Cuba: a photographer’s paradise. Whether it's people, architecture, or landscape; cities or villages; old cars or horse drawn carriages; Cuba is the place to be and now is the time to be there.

“Listening to, observing, and following Steve Anchell in the city streets of Cuba is an experience not to be missed and long valued.” Nick Mobile, Malvern, Pa.

This is a workshop to learn and practice the techniques of street photography as taught by Steve Anchell at the International Center of Photography in NYC, and elsewhere. We will use as our subject the people of Havana, and Vinales in the tobacco region.

On this 8-day workshop Steve, along with internationally known Cuban photographers, will work with you on your street photography skills and discuss what it means to be a documentary photographer. Steve will also be available to work with you individually on technical issues you may be experiencing.

Each day will begin with a 3- to 4-hour photo session led either by Steve or a Cuban photographer. The afternoon will be spent for practicing and exploring on your own, and editing your work for a presentation and critique each evening at 5pm.

Mid-week we will travel to the Vinales valley where we will practice our skills recording the rural population and seeing how "the other half lives." We'll stay the night and while we're there participate in an outdoor country-style Fiesta with song and dancing.

To participate you don’t need to be an expert photographer, only interested in watching, listening, learning, and having a great time.

Steve Anchell is an accomplished street and documentary photographer with more than 16 years’ experience traveling to Cuba. He has taught street and documentary photography for the International Center of Photography in NYC, and for Oregon State University. Steve is a member of the Freestyle Photo Advisory Board.

For more information visit: http://anchellworkshops.com or call 503.884.3882.