The Golden Half 35mm
(1/2 frame) Camera - Black

Model: 302131
Manufacturer: Powershovel

This item is no longer available.
The Golden Half is a half frame 35mm camera. Half frame means that when you put a roll of 36 exposures into the Golden Half, you'll actually get 72 pictures. You can be quite carefree when shooting with it, but you’ll still be shooting on film. Double fun in every way! 

The Golden Half is tiny enough to fit into most pockets, and it will never weigh down a small bag. It is so easy to carry around that you will never again miss an opportunity to create a great picture.

It might be a tiny, rubber-coated plastic camera, but the Golden Half has a hotshoe on it, which allows you to attach any flash. This turns the Golden Half into a carry-anywhere, shoot-anytime, don't-worry-about-your-exposures (little) monster.

The Golden Half features two apertures: f/11 for sunny skies or when using flash, and f/8.5 for cloudier times. The shutter and lens are fixed at 1/100 sec and 22mm, respectively.

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