The F295 Historic Process Workbook

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The F295 Historic Process Workbook4 Processes, 6 Techniques, 14 Lessons!
Fresh off the heels of the enormously popular F295 Quick Reference Cards, we're pleased to introduce the F295 Workbook of Historic Processes by Tom Persinger.  This concise 55 page booklet provides all of the necessary information for a quick and successful start to the pursuit of photography through the use of handmade materials and processes. It contains loads of valuable information including history, recipes, paper recommendations, exposure guidelines, safety information and a lot more!

Chapters include:

1. A Brief Timeline of Photographic History
2. Common Practices
3. Lenses and Apertures
4. The Camera
5. Black and White Film Negatives
6. Pre-Flashed Paper Negatives
7. Simplified Digital Negatives
8. Cyanotype
9. Gum Bichromate
10. Salted Paper
11. Van Dyke Brown
12. Writing a Statement
13. Notes on Beginning a Series
14. Preparing the Portfolio

Each chapter details the best way to complete the task at hand - everything from building a camera, making a lens, making negatives, and creating prints using one of four historic processes,  to writing a statement and preparing a portfolio. Each chapter concludes with questions to check your understanding of key dates and concepts. The process chapters provide a space to affix a print and make notes so you can reproduce your success.

This workbook is an ideal and inexpensive solution for those looking for a structured approach to learning historic and hand-made photographic processes. And with 14 lessons it is perfect for those looking for an inexpensive and direct text for a semester long course.

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